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  • ELEKTRA (2019)

    for flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Commissoned and premiered by the Reykjavík based Elektra Ensemble. Funded by Iceland Artists’ Salaries.

  • Vetrarþoka / Winter fog (2016)

    for soprano and piano

    English language version available

Fjallið hefur falið sig í kaldri vetrarþoku,
það fennir yfir sprungur þess og tímans djúpu sár.
Við sjónarrönd má greina það sem grófa pensilstroku,
í gróðri þess er lífsmark sem blómstrar næsta ár. 

(Árni Kristjánsson)

The mountainside is clothed in fog, a freezing quilt of patches,
and fallen snow that sits on cracks and cuts from years ago.
It breaks the skyline up ahead, a broken row of scratches,
full of seeds that hold the growth which coming years will show.

(Translated by Snorri Kristjánsson)

"Vetrarþoka [Winter Fog] finished the evening with another vocal accompaniment [...] It was illuminating, delicate and beautiful." - Lou Clement

  • Loftkastali / Castle in Air (2012)

    for flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin and cello



  • Ríður Harpa í tún - a summer song in 7 parts (2019)

    for mixed choir

Written for Kordía Kór Háteigskirkju (Kordía Chamber Choir) in Reykjavík, Iceland. Premiered 9th June 2019.

  • Loftkastali / Castle in Air (2013)

    for cello

Castle in Air received a 4 star review from the renowned Icelandic classical music critic Jónas Sen September 6 2015: "Helgi's music carries the composer's strong personal style." "…all sorts of clever nuances were introduced and the narrative was exciting and surprising." "Helgi had a lot on his mind, and he went his own way in delivering his message. The frame echoed the past, but the inspiration was completely unique." -Jónas Sen

  • Variation Ia and IIIa (2018)

    for flute

Performed live by Helen Whitaker.

  • Taktfastir Svartþrestir / Rhythmic Robins (2018)

    for flute and piano

The playlist features a demo recording of this piece, performed by Helen Whitaker and Matthildur Anna Gísladóttir.

  • Ecco mormorar l’onde / Now the waves murmur (2017)

    a song for soprano and piano

Fr0m the chamber opera After the Fall by Helgi Rafn Ingvarsson and Rebecca Hurst. Performed by Rannveig Káradóttir and Katherine Tinker.

  • Évariste Mutter Music Quartet (2013)

    for string quartet

This string quartet was commissioned by the Bartholdy Quartet and premiered August 7th, 2013 at Salurinn, Kópavogur, Iceland. The title "Évariste" derives from the chamber opera Évariste, also by Ingvarsson, which was premiered at the Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House, London in July 2015.

  • Loftkastali / Castle in Air (2012)

    for viola and piano