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Helgi Rafn Ingvarsson (b.1985) is a versatile composer, conductor and singer based in Reykjavík, Iceland and Brighton, UK. Full biography here.

Helgi Rafn Ingvarsson’s new work Loom (Vefur) [...] made a striking impression [...] The orchestra [...] struck an interesting balance between sounding individual and acting as a group.
— 5against4.com (2019)
Helgi’s 4.1 Earths “assembled with a powerful crescendo. I particularly loved the string sections and the double bass and the piano seemed to play off one another cleverly. [...]
The concluding piece, Vetrarþoka [Winter Fog, also by Helgi], […] was illuminating, delicate and beautiful.
— Entertainment-focus.com (2016)
Helgi’s music carries the composer’s strong personal style. [...] All sorts of clever nuances were introduced and the narrative was exciting and surprising. [...] Helgi had a lot on his mind, and he went his own way in delivering his message. The frame echoed the past, but the inspiration was completely unique. I’m looking forward to see what Helgi will do in the future.
— Jónas Sen, on Loftkastali / Castle in Air (2015)